Terms and Conditions

The Nurtured Child Approach charges a registration fees of £150. The registration fee will be deduced from the total of placement fees payable after a position has been offered by the client and accepted by the candidate. Payment of the placement fees must be made within 7 days of raising the invoice to avoid any extra charges.

Terms and Conditions

1. This Terms and Conditions Contract is between the agent (The Nurtured Child Approach Trading name for a freelance consultant Mrs Hend FARES, registered in France as an entrepreneur independent, N° de Travailleur Indépendant 117 000001570396117) and the client/family.
2. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is agreed by confirmation of registration with the agency and payment of the registration fees.
3. The client shall specify any requirements and responsibilities of the nanny in the registration form and the agency will introduce suitable candidates for the role as described by the clients themselves. The agent is entitled to vary the relevant placement fees to take account of any additional services requested by the client which were not included in the original registration form.
4. The client shall notify the agent about any offer made to a candidate. On agreement from the candidate, a placement fees will become payable to the agent. Temporary fees will be billed based on the initial placement duration requested and no adjustment will be made in the event of the client reducing this period. Fees not settled in accordance with the agent’s Terms and Conditions will incur interest at a rate of 8%.
5. If the client employs a candidate but does not notify the agent within 7 days, the fees payable will be subject to a 50% surcharge. If a candidate is solicited to work for the client with the intention of bypassing the agent’s fees then the client will be invoiced the fees chargeable by the agent for the relevant placement.
6. The client is responsible for providing the successful candidate with an employment contract explaining the working conditions, rights and responsibilities; this is agreed between the client and the candidate. The agent might provide a template of employment contract to be used as a guide or point of reference if needed.
7. The client is the direct employer and is therefore responsible for all the employer obligations.
8. All candidates are thoroughly checked by the agent. The agent will make sure that every candidate should provide a minimum of two check-able references, an up-to-date DBS, an up-to-date first aid certificate and any relevant childcare qualifications that the job should require. If the candidate does not have all the required documents but meets the criteria required by the employer and is willing to obtain all the documents after she is selected for the role, the agent informs the client who might consider her application and offer to assist with all the required trainings.
9. The client will not pass on details of any nanny to any third party and the introduction of a candidate to a client by the agent, directly or indirectly, is confidential. If the client or anyone associated with the client, passes on an introduction to any other person/persons within six months of the candidate’s introduction to the client by the agent, resulting in an employment of the candidate, the client shall be liable for payment of the fees as stated by the agency above.
10. The agent knows how important it is to find a suitable candidate and will do their best to ensure that but cannot be held responsible if any of the candidates recruited becomes unsuitable, unreliable or acts in any unprofessional manner. The employment contract between the employer (the family) and the candidate will be needed to protect both parties.
11. As permitted by law the agent will take no responsibility for any loss, damage, delay, expense or compensation suffered by the client, arising directly or indirectly from an act or omission by any candidate introduced to the client by the agency.
12. In the event of your nanny being unable to attend work you can contact the agent who will do their best to provide you with a temporary replacement for a period of up to one week at no extra cost. You just pay the replacement nanny directly each day.
13. A placement guarantee of 6 months is offered on permanent nannies with effect from the date employment commences. If a placement is terminated, by either party, within this 6 months period then the agent will, with reasonable endeavours, provide a suitable replacement nanny free of charge within a period of 28 days. This guarantee is only provided on the initial placement. The agent shall only be obliged to provide to the client 4 candidate profiles for the replacement. Such profiles will be selected based on information originally provided in the client’s registration form, in the event of the clients requirements having changed they should notify the agency as soon as possible. The agency accepts no liability and is not obliged to offer a replacement or any refund to the extent that the client finds the profiles unacceptable and does not want to engage any of the potential candidates. Temporary nanny placements will be guaranteed for a period of 1 month assuming that the placement is for a minimum of 2 months. In all instances the offer of the guarantee is dependent on the payment of the full corresponding fees on time.
14. In the event that two clients register together with the intention of entering into a nanny sharing arrangement the placement fees will be divided between the two families and both the families will be considered clients under this agreement, subject to the same benefits, duties and obligations. The fees is also divided if a client who already has a nanny approaches the agent seeking another family. In the event of a client who is seeking a nanny share requests the agency to source both a nanny and the other family our standard fees will be uplifted by 50% to reflect the additional effort required. The amount payable will continue to be split between both clients. In such situations reference to a client in this agreement will be deemed to include both families. The client and the second family shall be jointly and severally liable for any fees payable. In the event that the client or the second family default in payment of their share of any fees payable the agent shall be entitled to recover the outstanding sum from the other party as if that party had always been entirely responsible for the whole agency fees.
15. If the client uses the agency to gain a temporary nanny whilst a permanent nanny is being sought then the temporary fees will apply. The agent’s fees charged relate to one placement only. Where a candidate is placed on a temporary basis and the candidate’s employment is extended either beyond the original period of placement or the client subsequently re-employ the candidate in any capacity within 12 months from the date of the initial Introduction, the client undertakes to inform the agent within 7 days and is required to pay the difference between the original ‘temporary candidate’ fees charged and the amount that would have been payable had all the offers of work been made as part of the initial agreement.
16. In the event of a part time position (up to 30 hours / week) becoming full time within 6 months of employment commencing, the difference between the full time and part time fees at the point of placement will become payable.
17. If a client offers a trial of longer than 1 day to a candidate the trial will be invoiced according to the terms of a temporary placement. In the event of the trial resulting in an offer of permanent employment the difference between the amount already invoiced and the relevant permanent fees will become payable with immediate effect.

Non discrimination and equal opportunities statement

The Nurtured Child Approach follows an equal opportunity recruitment process and will not discriminate in the referral of a job applicants on the basis of race, colour, age, creed, national origin, sex, disability status, marital status or sexual orientation.

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