Baby and child sleep coaching

Baby and child Sleep Practitioner | Montessori guide and Montessori child and parent’s group facilitator | Family Coach, and Childcare Consultant
A firm believer in gentle respectful parenting | Founder of The Nurtured Child Approach ©

I do not believe in controlled crying methods, nor am I in favor of inflexibly strict routines. These methods may work well for some people, but they are often very stressful, both to the child and the parent, and they may ignore or fail to identify the root cause of the issue.

I help parents to read their baby’s cues and non-verbal communication. Then, I develop a sleep plan that recognizes each child’s specific needs and natural patterns.

Depending on your requirements, I will then either :

(1) provide you with your bespoke plan, and the advice and support needed for you to successfully follow it; or

(2) I can do all the hard work for you, staying overnight to care for your baby. I put the new routine in place, whilst you catch up on some uninterrupted rest and recover from your own sleep debt. Then, once your baby has adjusted and is sleeping well throughout the night, I coach you through the new routine, leaving you confident to carry on. 

My approach aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Create an achievable and adaptable bedtime routine that you and your child can rely upon and enjoy.
  • Help make nap times relaxed and predictable
  • Provide you with a sleep plan specific to the individual needs of you, your child, and your family as a whole – not a cut-and-paste template in sight.
  • Develop a ‘what comes next guide to the future, in line with your child’s personality and likely development.
  • Give friendly support, along with the confidence to achieve a good night’s sleep for everyone.


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